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Wheelchair Safety While Driving or Riding

If you use a wheelchair, you probably know how to get into and out of a car safely. You’ve seen a certified driver rehabilitation specialist and know the rules. But it doesn’t hurt to go over them periodically, and perhaps correct some bad habits we’ve fallen into.

The following guidelines increase safety for wheelchair-seated riders and drivers.

Where to sit

  • If possible, transfer into the vehicl…

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Mobility Seating Systems in vehcicles

Mobility Seating Systems in vehcicles

The ability to get in and out of your vehicle easily and comfortably is one of the most important steps in gaining a true sense of freedom. Climbing, twisting and lifting make transferring from a wheelchair into a car’s seat difficult for people with disabilities or limited mobility. While built-in seating is the safest option when driving or riding as a passenger, the physical demands of the…

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One More Week Until Brian’s Ride!!

Southeastern Massachusetts Motorcyclists’ Survivors Fund, Inc. Presents the 8th Annual Brian’s Run ————— What? Motorcycle Ride - Vendors - Live Entertainment *Haywire Davinci* - Bike Games - Meal Included - Raffles - and More…

Wheelchair Van Ramp Vs. Wheelchair Van Lift

Choosing a wheelchair ramp over a lift system is a matter of budget and personal preference. Both can get you safely in and out of a new or used wheelchair van; however, handicap lowered-floor vans with ramps tend to be less expensive, take up less space and are more fuel-efficient compared to a full-size van, which is used for most wheelchair-lift applications.

Wheelchair Ramps
Wheelchair van…

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Wheelchair Van Ramps Options

Side Entry Ramp
Side entry ramps deploy from the side of the van rather than the back. The side entry ramp is deployed after the power-operated door on the side of the van slides open. Ramps can be automatically activated or manually opened and closed. For maximum safety, a power ramp should have a manual override in case of a power failure. Almost all side entry ramps are automated, with a manual…

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Adaptive Q&A

With such a wide variety of adaptive vehicle equipment available, selecting the appropriate features or modifications can become big task. In an effort to facilitate this process, here are the responses to some of the most frequently asked mobility equipment questions.

Are ramps difficult to operate?
Most vans equipped with side-entry mobility equipment are fully automatic. The seamless loading…

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New England Handicapped Sports Association

NEHSA is a group of people who pool their knowledge, skills and courage to participate in sports activities.

Attention Toyota Owners: Read This & Save Money!

Attention Toyota Owners: Read This & Save Money!

Toyota Motor Company Sienna Door Defects for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 Minivans, Wheelchair vans, IMS Mobility vans & Braun Ability Accessible Ramp vans

Toyota Sienna minivans have an engineering flaw with the design of the plate welded to the door that causes the door strap welds to break loose, typically just outside of warranty for many owners.

From the reports of other owners, it is…

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