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3E Love: The Meaning of Symbol

3E Love: The Meaning of Symbol

3E Love The Meaning of Symbol

3E Love’s registered trademark, the “International Symbol of Acceptance” also known as the “wheelchair-heart logo,” is the drive behind much of the company’s goals and products. It is a symbol of society accepting people with disabilities as equals and a symbol that people with disabilities accept their challenges and even embrace them. By replacing the wheel with a heart, the stigma of the…

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HighTower: The World’s First Side Mounted Docking Station

HighTower: The World’s First Side Mounted Docking Station

B&D HighTower Docking System 3From B&D Independence, the leader and most trusted name in transfer seating for decades, comes a revolutionary new system.

Designed to significantly increase your ground clearance, Hightower gives you the freedom and enhanced mobility you’ve been searching for.

The Hightower is the world’s first vertical docking console.

HighTower boasts a sleek and streamline design while its brackets are made…

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A Little Extra Help: Adaptive Equipment for Those with Partial Disabilities

Some individuals with partial disabilities say they do not have a need for a fully wheelchair accessible van or truck and state they only need a bit of extra help. For those able to stand with or without assistance, turn, and walk a few steps, there are a number of simple, affordable solutions that can make the vehicle you already own more comfortable and accessible.

Turning Seating
Convenient and…

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Stay Active with a Disability: Quick tips

Regular physical activity provides important health benefits for everyone, including people with disabilities. Getting active can help you:

  • Strengthen your heart
  • Build strong muscles and bones
  • Improve coordination
  • Relieve stress, improve your mood, and feel better about yourself

Before you begin…

  • Talk to your doctor about the types and amounts of physical activity that are right for you. If you…

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Happy 20th Birthday AmeriCorps!

Happy 20th Birthday AmeriCorps!

Happy 20th Birthday AmeriCorps!

AmeriCorps State and National supports a wide range of local service programs that engage thousands of Americans in intensive community service each year. They provide grants to a network of local and national organizations and agencies committed to using national service to address critical community needs in education, public safety, health, and the environment.

AmeriCorps State and National

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Beginner’s Tips: Searching for the Right Wheelchair Van

If you’re a first-time buyer looking to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle things might seem a little overwhelming at first. You most likely have some questions and concerns when starting out, and that’s fine. We have several mobility vehicle experts/dealers and resources available to help you along the way.

Still, there’s never any harm in getting informed before you step onto your first…

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Boston’s Wounded Veteran Run 5k

Boston Wounded Veterans 5k

About Boston’s Wounded Veteran Run 5k
They are coordinating the inaugural 5K Race/walk for wounded Veterans on Sunday, October 12, 2014 in Saugus, MA.
They are passionate and committed to supporting all wounded veterans who have sacrificed so much for our safety and freedom.

5K Details
All Proceeds go to helping Veterans that were wounded in combat

When: October 12, 2014
Start: 10:00am

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